Dear Mrs.Räthel,

Happy new year. Hope you have a nice successful year ahead.

What do I need to do to make you start the Zugewinnausgleich? 

I have been asking for you to claim this for almost a year now.

I do not understand the document from the court and what do I need to do for this (see below)?

  1. Zugewinnausgleich
  2. ownership of SD54 apartment

I really need to know “when do you claim ” Zugewinnausgleich” and “What I need to proof?”

Why I don’t want my divorce is finized – mainly because Zugewinnausgleich is not finished.

I have no problem to agree for divorce when Zugewinnausgleich is finished.

15th Jan – What I need to wite? Can I write myself?

Best regards,

Hisako Fuhlberg